Introduction to Craftivism, and Guerilla Craft Drop


I’m afraid I have to cancel this event due to an unexpected (aren’t kids great at this?) school information morning. As people have sent stitchings, I will be doing a sneaky craft drop anyway, and pictures will be shared on my Facebook page and Instagram feed (@disobedientchild). Another craftivism event will be arranged in the new year, but don’t let this stop you scattering kindness and love like healing confetti wherever you are able. x


A day of craft and activism! I will talk to you about what craftivism means to me, how others interpret it, and what it might mean to you. In this workshop we will be participating in the You Are So Very Beautiful project (#YASVB), so I will show you how to make small stitched affirmations, in whatever style you wish. Then, and this is the fun bit (those of us less mobile are completely free to opt out or work around this), we will go out and around the city centre, leaving these affirmations for other people to find and enjoy. And then we’ll all meet up again and drink tea and eat cake and have a discussion about how it went 🙂
More simply: Learn, make, distribute, eat cake.

No sewing skills necessary, no interaction with random-strangers-on-the-street required, this is a totally fun and no pressure workshop 🙂

Starts at 11am, probably winding up at about 3ish, but I’m happy to stay later if people want to make/chat more. If you’ can’t make that date, take a look here for how you can still get involved:

Here for more info on #YASVB:

Tickets available below. Concessionary rate of £17 available to those in receipt of benefits or on a very low income, just apply the code “Dodo” at the checkout 🙂

Craftivism – get involved, you beautiful creature!


I find big paper a great medium for collecting ideas, and when I put out a table-length of lining paper at my ‘Open Studio’ event and asked “What can we do, now, to make this world a better place?”, I got some *really* good ones 🙂 Plant trees, and hug them! Play music, laugh, take a deep breath,

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You Are So Very Beautiful – a Craftivist project


The photo above is one of the pieces of encouragement I’ve been leaving around the place for a few months now. Not all at once, just one at a time, when I can. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen them. But now I find something similar you might want to be a part of: because that amazing Betsy Greer is at it again, stitching things to make the world a brighter place. And she wants YOU (points finger) to get involved.

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