Remembrance of Lost Species


As part of the Remembrance Day for Lost Species (see, join us for an evening of story and song, in tribute to those species lost forever in this age of extinction.

Featuring the magnetic, award winning folk singer Nancy Kerr, the formidable and wise storyteller Tim Ralphs, and nature-inspired, wind-howling cellist and singer, Sarah Smout.  If you heard of one, but don’t know the others, check out our Facebook event page, where we’ll be sharing photos, videos and events featuring all our artists in the lead up to this evening.

When we hear that a fellow earth-dwelling species will never again draw breath, fly, swim, slither, flower or set seed – often due to our own unconscious, disconnected hand – how can we do anything about the overwhelming nightmare, if we do not begin by engaging with the rage and with the grief?

Extinction is studied by scientists. Culturally, however, we risk forgetting the beauty and distinct life of extinct species and our historic relationship with past life forms.

This is a chance to learn and tell the stories of those lost in the sixth mass extinction, and to renew commitments to those remaining.

Since 2011 people have held memorial events, practical conservation projects, art and education activities around the world on November 30th. We will be holding our wake for lost species one week later, on Wednesday 7th December. Please join us. It will be an evening of remembering, and celebrating, those species we have lost and those we are in danger of losing. This is an evening of stories, both sung and spoken, and of hope.

Tickets cost £12, but if you are in receipt of benefits or on a low income there is a concessionary rate of £9. Just apply the code “Dodo” at the checkout and £3 will be taken off each ticket (if you wish to purchase full and concessionary tickets, you’ll have to do each type separately, sorry!).

How to build an Imaginarium

Close up of two chicken figures, one wearing a bow tie, the other a lace veil. Of course.

There are great things brewing here, make no mistake. For Dr De Cleyre’s Imaginarium of Wonderment is taking shape…

Curiously pitted lump of volcanic rock
… just appeared all over the top meadow! Honestly I have NO idea…

I’m very excited to have been given the chance to work with storyteller fantastique Tim Ralphs, and bringer-together-of-things superbe Warren Draper, to fill an empty shop in Doncaster with the most amazing and gasp-inducing … stuff.  Together, this coming Midsummer weekend, we’re creating an Imaginarium of Wyrdness, Wonder and Curious Tales, in which I will show people how to make their own masks, and Tim, er sorry, Dr De Cleyre will be beguiling and entertaining all comers with tales of his travels and the mysterious objects he has collected upon the way.

Row of brightly coloured fox masks, and a piano accordion
Yeah, and you know what it’s like when *that* lot are in town…


Weird stuff in jars - cuttlefish beak, rat skull, bits of lung
… and this was all they ever found of him. Tragic.

It is an utter delight to work with Tim and Warren, and they are awesome people to bounce creative ideas off.  Right now I’m still making masks, putting things in jars of vinegar, and tying on labels.  There are walls to be covered, paintings to be painted, and plenty more to keep my idle hands busy before we open up on Friday.

Dr De Cleyre’s Imaginarium is part of DNweekeND – Doncaster’s free festival – and can be found (betwixt British Heart Foundation and Iceland) in the Waterdale Centre, Doncaster.  Open on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.  Full details, and more information about the huge wealth of amazingness happening right across town, can be found on the Right Up Our Street website.  Plus I’m sure I will be tweeting about all the last minute preparations, so follow me on Twitter for pics and links as they come in. I hope you feel teased to come along and see…

And if you’re still unsure, and you’re wondering about the chickens, take five more of your earth minutes to listen to this enchanting tale told by Dr de Cleyre himself…

We’ll see you there… 😉