Birthday parties and workshops

I think it’s time I reminded people that I do parties! That’s right, why have a boring party, when you and your friends can learn to make sock monsters instead? I can do children’s parties (generally over 9’s only, but I can be flexible, so get in touch) and grown up parties.  They’re much the same, but I’ve found the grown up parties tend to involve more wine 🙂  Also hen parties, stag parties (you know you want to), and whatever-other-parties. Parties!  I will bring all the materials, including worksheets, and remain on hand to teach and talk you through every stage of making your very own sock monster. It’s amazing fun, and your guests will love you for it.

Creativity with socks - the best party fun ever
Creativity with socks – the best party fun ever

I also run workshops, for schools, community groups, festivals, anything you like really.  I can teach monster-making, or other sewing skills, or a creative tie-in with something you’re already doing (an example of this was a ‘Make Do and Mend’ workshop I ran with a class of Y4s, to complement their studies of life on the ‘home front’ during WWII). Please see my Workshops page for further details, and/or get in touch via the contact page.

Sock-monster-making workshop at 'Festival at the Edge' storytelling festival
Sock-monster-making workshop at ‘Festival at the Edge’ storytelling festival


Hey everybody, I’m having a sale

I’ve been attempting to tidy up, and come to the conclusion that it’s time to just have a big old clear out. So, head on over to my Etsy shop, and you’ll find lots of wonderful, handmade goodness at knock-down, everything-must-go prices. How can you resist Dr Dashing? DrDashing

How can you get through Christmas without this calming, wizardly advice? Dumbledore stitching

YOU CAN’T. Buy handmade this Christmas – for someone else, or just for you 🙂

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is very exciting, and although I’m running a little late this year (hectic autumn), I have actually started listing some Christmas stuff in the shop.  Go on, go take a look, you might see something you like!  Folksy or Etsy, it’s up to you which one you visit.


There will be more listings soon, so keep checking back.  Handmade gifts are much more special, you know that.  If there’s anything you don’t see, but would like, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.  Custom cross-stitch, embroidery or sock monster.  Or how about a personalised tree decoration? Whatever you choose (or don’t choose), have a fun time browsing for presents (you can buy something for me if you like).

You can buy anything on the internet…

It’s a crazy old place isn’t it, this internet?  I’ve just put three more monsters into my shop,

Rainbow Sock Chicken!

and relisted a few fabric-y stitchy things too.

Rainbow ribbon coasters

You may want to go take a peek.  Tell your friends, too, I’m sure they’ll thank you.  I mean, there’s only so much LOLcats you can take in one day, even if it is a Friday.  Ooh, speaking of which, it isn’t just ANY Friday, it’s a fifth Friday – not many months have those, y’know.  So if you feel like some more stitchy fun, head on over to Mr XStitch, where they’re having a Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness.  Books, stitchings, and a craft swap!  I’ve already signed up for the swap, so I’m excited.

Thwarted actress. Expect hysterics.

Whatever you choose to do with your Friday, make sure it’s fun, OK?

Everybody, needs somebody…

All quiet on the creative front.  I’ve been a busy bee with Other Things, as expounded on my Disobedient Child blog, but I have finally gotten round to tidying up my storage area.  One day I’ll have a proper studio, or at least a workroom, and then I can pretend to be a Proper Artist, but until then I’ll just shuffle boxes around in the corner of my bedroom, and tell myself that putting labels on them is just as professionally fulfilling. Anyhoo, I found an awesome sock lurking in my Crate of Sockness (a bit like a Heart of Darkness.  But not very.), and after some Picky Miss Jiggery Pokery (and yes that is a technical term) it became…. this!


He so happy!  He can make you so happy, too.  I have no idea what his name is; he won’t tell me.  But anyway, I can’t keep him here, I don’t even have a proper studio, so I’ve put his lovely cuddly self up for adoption.  He’s not on Etsy or Folksy yet, because of camera problems, but he really wants a new home by Christmas.  Studio not a requirement.  UPDATE: He is! He is on Etsy! Still The Nameless One, though.

Monster of the Month : February goes exploring

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to the new “Monster of the Month” featurette!

It’s February, home of gales, rain, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and more rain. Monster of the Month this month goes to Nameless. Who has no name. Hence the, er, name.

Nameless is new to this house, and asked if she could go exploring, and blog about what she found. Who am I to argue with such cuteness? I’ll hand you over right now:


hello. i don’t hav a name yet becos no one has give me one. i want to see wat is in this house so i did go explorng and i found things that are a bit weerd. fust i found a land of pinknes, inhabyted by GIANT BEARS.

giant bears
me and the GIANT BEARS

they wurnt scary after a bit but they wus at fust becos they were so very extremly big. they talked about me but not too me, wich was not nice so i left them and went elsware. i traveled far, throu many hard ships and then i came to the land of teeny tiny dinosawrs.

tiny dinosaurs
me and the tiny dinosawrs

they wer very curius and sweet, but this one in the pictur bit me, wich was not nice. i think it wus probaly just grumpy thou becos it was scared. it’s ok to be scared, but i was only stroking it so it shoold not hav been scared.

i hear that febuary is when valentins day is, wich is wen you show someone you love them. i think this is very sweet. i love hug. hug is a monkey i met when i was explorng and he is the most lovely monkey i ever did meet.

me and hug

i love hug very much and hug loves me too. i think i will give hug some choclates for a valentin present, but don’t tell him it’s a suprise.


(Because I am heartless and mercenary, Nameless will be appearing in my Etsy shop very soon. If you buy her, you can give her a real name. She’d like that. Maybe you could teach her to spell, while you’re at it.) *UPDATE* Nameless has now been rehomed, hooray! And a very good home it is too.

Left on the shelf

I had to reassure these huddled monsters today, that just because nobody bought them at the Christmas craft fair, it doesn’t mean they are destined for a life unloved. Poor things, they do worry.

L-R: Slightly, Tiny Tim, Daisy, Bridale

If you wish to adopt one of these cuddlies, you’ll find them, and others, in my Etsy shop. Or I can make a special monster just for you (or someone else), just ask. Go on, have pity on their small and troubled minds.

Happy New Year!

Goodness, 2011 already (and still no jet-packs), how did that happen? I hope y’all had a great holiday season, and gave and received lots of handmade presents. I started to teach myself (well, with books, obviously) embroidery last year, and I must say I’m pretty pleased with my progress so far. You’ll find some of these in my Etsy shop:

Some cross-stitchery

and this is what my eldest sister got for Christmas (I can’t show you what my other sister got, because I haven’t even posted it yet. Very bad)

For the curious, there is more embroidery to be seen on my Flickr stream.

Anyhow, I am determined to make this a year of working. I attended some training in December which means I am now qualified to offer accreditation on the Arts Award scheme, to Bronze and Silver level. I’m quite excited by the possibilities this opens up, so I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ve also got my first workshop of the year this weekend – a birthday craft party for someone who came to my workshop at Festival at the Edge back in July! How cool is that!

Created at workshop for Dronfield Library

I’m going to be updating my workshop pages and publicity this week, so do check back, or get in touch, for more info. I’m CRB checked, fully insured, and sensible 🙂 so if you fancy a crafty birthday party, or a workshop for your library/community group/staff, you know what to do!