The Beacons

e project led by Shonaleigh (storyteller) and involving myself and several other artists, the Sheffield Parks and Woodland Rangers, the local branch of The Rambler’s Association, and two local primary schools.  Shonaleigh worked with the schools to create a story (in three parts, told over three years), which would then form the base of a two hour event in a local woodland/parks area.

The Great Ralphini, evil circus ringmaster, next to a handpainted sign advertising his circus
The Great Ralphini, enslaver of our hero, Lord Fox!

My part in this was to work in the schools in the weeks leading up to the event, to get the children making things to decorate the woods with, and carry as the story processed through the woods.  We made willow lanterns and kites one year, story bunting another year (the teacher said Y2’s would struggle with embroidery – they excelled at it!), and collage paintings of imagined circus performers the next.  I also created other ‘backdrop’ artwork to create mini stage areas within the woods, and was in charge of coordinating the participating children on the day (didn’t lose a single one!).

Children's collage paintings of imagined , half animal half human, circus performers
Y5’s imagined half-animal-half-human circus performers