For The Telling

A collaboration with several other artists (including but not limited to: Warren DraperRachel HornePhlegm and Mr Fox), to put on a free arts event in the courtyard of a mostly derelict arts college in Doncaster (Church View).

Hand painted banner: The truth of the tale is in the telling

Running on the theme of “It is through stories that we weave our reality”, we worked together to pull in local artists and the Church View Trust, to create an incredible evening of music, poetry, performance, stories, art, fire and community – with no money, no electricity, and no hierarchy. People said we couldn’t do it.Red firelight against a brick wall, showing the sillhouettes of people, dancers, and a man in a stag outfit, with antlers  It was a storming success, and we have held three more ‘Tellings’ since, and raised the profile of Church View to the point that renovation and re-utilisation is underway.

More information on this project, and lots of gorgeous photographs of what went on, can be found on the ‘For The Telling’ website.  For my part, I helped organise and coordinate the event, I liaised with other artists who wanted to join in, I helped, and organised volunteers to help, physically clear the site (lots of rubble), I did my stint behind the bar and on the door, I brought fabrics and taught embroidery (our second event was much more about getting everyone involved), and I created large embroideries to hang around the site.

But the most important thing about The Telling is that no one person was in charge. We all worked together on the basis of ‘fluid authority’ and allowed people to bring their own strengths weave into the creation of an incredible event, which felt like it was in another world. Our favourite comment from our first Telling was “I forgot I was in Doncaster”.

Large firepit made of concrete breeze-blocks, with chairs in front, and bunting flags behind.
Building one of the firepits