Festival Banner and workshop

I was invited to the 24th storytelling Festival at the Edge, in Much Wenlock, Shropshire, to run two ‘craft workshops with a strong storytelling theme’. One was an all-ages sock-monster making workshop, encouraging people to ‘see the extraordinary in the ordinary’, and coaxing creativity and stories out of the most reluctant I’m-not-an-artist-s.  I was also asked to prepare and run a workshop for the younger festival goers, to tie in with a morning of Elephant Tales from the wonderful Pete ChandShonaleigh and Andy Harrop-Smith. I chose to do some easy mask making, as I wasn’t sure what age groups I’d get. There was to be a parade, too, so I drew an elephant outline on a beautiful flowery bedsheet, and got the children to cut up scraps of shiny, colourful scarf fabric to decorate it with. This banner could be carried at the head of the procession, and then I could stitch it together more robustly at home, and return it to the festival as a permanent artwork.

mask workshop


Photo credit: Festival at the Edge

The children decided to name the elephant Eli, and I hope that next year he will have his own stories :)


Photo credit: Festival at the Edge

I’d love to work more festivals, it’s great doing random creative things with a bunch of strangers in a field :)