I love it when people come to me to commission something special. For a friend, for a partner, for themselves (buying gifts for yourself is highly recommended).  Bring me a quote, a colour, an idea, and I'll make it just what you need - and don't worry about size, my smallest commission so far was 2" high, and the largest was 3.5m!  A sock monster to match someone's personality, an embroidered tree in your favourite colours, a wedding sampler, a sci-fi quote - just ask.  Actually, please ask for more sci-fi/geek things, I love doing those.

Firefly sampler
Cthulhu sampler
We Were There banner
Wedding sampler
Nintendo birth sampler
Buffy embroidery

I am a bit obsessive when it comes to creating samplers, in particular, and love including tiny, geeky details (see here and here for just two examples).  If your own geek obsession does not fall within my current knowledge, I'll swot up on it! This "Anathem" sampler was created without having read the books, but with some hefty background digging (click on the image to see the details explained).  But obsessive is good, right? 

If you want to commission something from me, all you need to do is give me an idea of the size and complexity you're after, and then I can give you a good idea of cost before I start.  Once I have created a pattern, I will email you a picture, and only when you are happy with it will I start stitching. Once the piece is finished, I will send you another picture and a final costing.  You can request it to be framed or unframed, although I would rather avoid posting framed artwork internationally, as it doesn't always survive the journey. Then, only when you are happy with it, will I expect payment.  The commission is in your control at all times.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Wall hanging decorated with tree in spring