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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do I need to book in advance, or can I just turn up on the day?
    All workshop places must be booked in advance, so I know how many people to expect. Too many and I can’t fit you in, too few and I may have to cancel it. If you struggle to book online, please just contact me instead.
  • I booked a place but something’s come up, can I get a refund?
    Of course. I can offer a full refund if you cancel more than five days in advance, and a 75% refund if you cancel more than 48hrs in advance. I do not *usually* offer refunds at shorter notice than that, but am willing to take circumstances into consideration if this causes genuine hardship.
  • If I want to book a craft party, will you come to my house or do we  come to your studio?
    Yes! Whichever you prefer. I can teach anywhere with a table 🙂
  • Would you teach a drunken hen party?
    Hen party with drinks, yes; drunken, no. I am insured, but I teach crafts with scissors and sharp pointy needles, and would rather people were in a fit state to learn and enjoy than just randomly hurt themselves and lose pins in the carpet.
  • Could you run a craft corner for kids at my wedding?
    No, sorry. See above regarding sharp objects – I’d rather keep those in a contained and controlled area. 
  • Would you run a workshop at my festival/corporate event? I don’t have enough budget to pay you, but you can have a free ticket and it’ll be great exposure for your work.
    I love to work at festivals, but I do not work for free. Do you?
  • What’s the maximum number of people you teach?
    In my studio, 14 due to space restrictions. Elsewhere, 20 (age 9+). For working in schools it depends on circumstance and additional teaching staff, so contact me to discuss.


  • How soon will I get my item?
    I aim to post items out within three working days.
  • I’ve changed my mind, can I return it?
    You can return any item (undamaged) for a full refund within 14 days, but you will have to pay return postage.
  • I can’t afford an original, do you offer prints?
    Not yet, but I hope to very soon!
  • I love your style, and would like to commission something from you but I’m not sure exactly what. Can I?
    Please do! There are examples of past commissions on my website, and I’m happy to chat with you to work out what you need from me. I love commissions 🙂


  • Do you make all this yourself?
    Yes indeed, every stitch.
  • Is it really all recycled fabric? Where do you get it from?
    Pretty much. Occasionally I have to buy new if it’s something specific (eg. for a commission), but I try and avoid this. Most of my fabrics come from charity shops, often the cheap “everything £1 or it’s going in the bin” rail.
  • I’m running a street/theatre/other festival, and I want something… different. Interested?
    Hell yes! Get in touch 🙂
  • Are you willing to collaborate on a project with other artists?
    Hell yes! Get in touch 🙂 Did I just say that?
  • I love your work, how can I share it with my friends so that they buy some for me?
    I share most of my work through Instagram and Facebook (links at the bottom of this page), so follow me there, or you can share specific items from my Etsy shop with strongly worded hints if you like.
  • You are amazing, can I buy you coffee?
    Aw thanks, and yes I’d love that! You can support me with just a coffee a month on my Patreon page, and you’ll get lovely emails in return.