All change!

Cross stitch golden carp, with the words 'Carpe Diem'

I’ve decided to shuffle things up a bit here at Picky Miss, and I’m excited to announce that the wonderful folks at Nobody On Fire are crafting me a spanking new website to match.  This year I want to put greater emphasis on what I can do for you. This summer will see me collaborating with masterful storytellers and anarchic gardeners, as well as (finally) completing a five-part commission of 3.5m high embroidered wall hangings. Add in an art fair, a children’s festival and a storytelling course, and you can see that already I have lots I want to tell you about!  And while this may sound like a lot, I really want to shout about it because I want people to book me to do more.

Do you want a fabric craft workshop at your festival this summer? An artistic collaborator? A hand-embroidered wedding gift? Stage backdrop, marching banner, geeky cross stitch? Crafty hen party?  Just drop me a message.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new site, with new pics, and exciting new… new stuff 🙂  And while you’re waiting, check out Festival at the Edge Storytelling Festival, where I shall be working with the inimitable Peter Chand, creating masks and flags for the children’s parade. Because if you’ve never been to FatE, you really should try it. It’s such a lovely, fun festival.

New fluffy things on Etsy!

Well, the monsters and I had a great time at Reet Sweet‘s fabulous Christmas Fair on Sunday, and it was only then I realised how few monsters I have actually put up for sale on my online shop.  So today I’ve been posing and snapping, and cropping and pasting, and generally making my Picky Miss Etsy shop a much more fun place to hang out.

Thinking ‘What the heck can I buy [insert name here] for Christmas?’  Why not go take a look?  I’m sure you’ll find something. And yes, you really are allowed to buy *yourself* presents at this time of year 🙂

Dumbledore quote
Dumbledore, now with added flamingoes

Everybody, needs somebody…

All quiet on the creative front.  I’ve been a busy bee with Other Things, as expounded on my Disobedient Child blog, but I have finally gotten round to tidying up my storage area.  One day I’ll have a proper studio, or at least a workroom, and then I can pretend to be a Proper Artist, but until then I’ll just shuffle boxes around in the corner of my bedroom, and tell myself that putting labels on them is just as professionally fulfilling. Anyhoo, I found an awesome sock lurking in my Crate of Sockness (a bit like a Heart of Darkness.  But not very.), and after some Picky Miss Jiggery Pokery (and yes that is a technical term) it became…. this!


He so happy!  He can make you so happy, too.  I have no idea what his name is; he won’t tell me.  But anyway, I can’t keep him here, I don’t even have a proper studio, so I’ve put his lovely cuddly self up for adoption.  He’s not on Etsy or Folksy yet, because of camera problems, but he really wants a new home by Christmas.  Studio not a requirement.  UPDATE: He is! He is on Etsy! Still The Nameless One, though.

Craft Candy workshop II

A couple of weekends ago (yes, I am a slack blogger,  sorry)  I ran another workshop for the fabulous Craft Candy, teaching people how to make their very own sock monsters.

Hard at work

Tee hee.  I can report it went brilliantly – I had great fun, and I hope the participants did too.  I totally love seeing what kind of monsters other people come up with.

Mr Tickle? Mrs?

I give people a choce of just two patterns, yet every monster turns out different; this to me is why I love monsters so much 🙂

The creators of these two lovelies used exactly the same base pattern.  Twins? Or partners in crime?  You decide.  Whatever, I think they rock.

If you’d like me to run a workshop for your group/workplace/party,  check my workshop page, and get in touch!

New things!

New monsters and monstery things for sale on my DaWanda site, so get yourself over and have a look.

And as wedding season approacheth, don’t forget I also do personal commissions. Don’t want to be the one to give the happy couple another toastrack or fondue set? Why not get them a happy couple of monsters! Please get in touch and we can discuss colours, what they like/dislike, what their hobbies are, and so on, so that I can design you (and them) something really special.

Xander, the sock monster who sees everything

Yes I know, I know, I do try not to name my sock monsters, but this one I just had to. I’ve named him Xander, because I’m geeky like that.

Much though I’d love it if someone bought him, I’ll be sorry to see him go. Don’t forget I’ll be at the Craft Candy Spring Fling this Saturday, at the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield. Xander will be there too, come and give him a cuddle.