All change! Closing down and branching out


September is unleashing its dismal rain already; a fine example of pathetic fallacy as the kids troop back to school. It’s a new breath for me, too, so this post is just to let y’all know that as of this month I am changing the focus of my ‘business’. Mainly because I hate running my creativity as a business – I’m not good at it in its current form, and it’s hollowed me out. I’ve been making things to sell, for money, and the constant hustle of  “Look I made this! It has a price, which may or may not match what it is worth or what you can afford, but please buy it, because I need your money to pay my bills.” is not making for a happy me.

I’ve done some thinking, I’ve made a decision, and I’m taking a step back. Taking time to breathe, to get a part-time job and thus sever the entanglement of financial need and creative expression. I’ve tried, I really have: I’ve done the courses, I’ve read the books, I’ve learned the social media and the Etsy algorithms – but my heart has never sat easy with it.

So, where next? Honestly, I don’t know yet. That’s what this breathing space is for. For now, I have one big art project in the pipeline (stay tuned for that, coz it’ll be one you can join in with!), another two in the early planning stages, and that’s it. Working with other artists is something that feeds my soul, I know that to be true. Doing random acts of craftivism is something that feeds my soul, I know that to be true also. Those things stay.

IMAG0929_1 (1)

Selling stuff doesn’t, that can go. Thus, I am relinquishing my studio space in October, which is going to mean a huge purge of accumulated craft gubbins (yikes). On the plus side (for you), one step I have already taken is to reduce all the prices in my Etsy shop to ridiculous levels. Yes, you heard right: I’m having a MASSIVE SALE!

IMAG0572_1_1 (1)

And if you love something but still think it’s too expensive, msg me a different price, or something you’d like to trade! I want these things GONE, to homes that love them. Having my artwork stuffed unseen in boxes, taking up room I don’t have, is utterly pointless.

So please, empty my shop! Go now, buy yourself something fuzzy, get ahead with Christmas shopping, buy a random gift for a friend. Everything must go 🙂

*Window photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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