Wednesday Womblings: Upcycled woollen patchwork


A new ‘thing’ where I share something I’m doing that involves recycling, upcycling, turning trash into treasure or just something that’s doing a tiny bit of good for this planet we call home.

Snuggly upcycled patchwork blanket in blues and purples - handmade by Abi Nielsen

Right now I’m making some wonderful, snuggly blankets using old knitwear (jumpers, scarves, even discarded mittens!). Mostly from charity shops, some from my own ineptitude when it comes to washing favourite jumpers at the wrong temperature 🙁  It feels a bit weird making heavy woollen blankets when the weather outside is so warm and sunny, but I know that nights can get chilly when you’re camping at a festival. I certainly never go camping without mine; throwing it over my sleeping bag at night makes such a difference!

Snuggly upcycled patchwork blanket in bright colours, handmade by Abi Nielsen from old woollen jumpers and scarves

I have spent many days trawling round charity shops for woollens, and asked several of them if they could save me any donations that aren’t really fit for resale (items like that get bundled up and sent to rag collectors), so I’m hoping I can grow my stock to include more bright colours.

Snuggly upcycled patchwork blanket in greys and bright pink. Handmade by Abi Nielsen

I started out making one for myself, as a way of using up some much loved but sadly and accidentally felted jumpers, but then my children kept stealing it, and people at festivals asked where they could get one, so I’ve started making more.  Sewing knitted stuff together isn’t too tricky, once you know to avoid the super-stretchy knits, and make sure you leave a large seam allowance to prevent unravelling. They’ll be going in my Etsy shop as I make them, but I’ll be posting progress pics on my Instagram too. Psst! They even have pockets…

I use fleece as a backing, and edging, to make them super-snuggly.  Really, just looking at these makes me feel all warm and cosy 🙂  Now, I just need a comfy chair, a good book, and a big mug of tea…

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