Stitch me some lovin’


Hey hey, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! That one day where we divide ourselves into two distinct camps: Those who adore the opportunity to get romantic – buy huge bunches of flowers for no reason other than to say ‘I love you’, spoil their lover with luxurious chocolates, pop a marriage proposal over a dinner date – and those who despise and deplore the commercialisation, the sickly affections, and the reminder that society values you considerably more once you’re neatly paired off.

So, as I don’t know which camp you, gentle reader, fall into, I’m going to show you a really simple Love Heart™ craft that can be adapted to your sentiment du jour.

You will need:

  • One pack of Swizzel Love Hearts
  • One piece of paper
  • The means to draw a circle (glass or mug is ideal)
  • Two pieces of felt a bit bigger than your chosen circle; preferably white, pale pink, or another Love Heart colour (don’t look at me, I’m too old to eat sweets, I dunno what colour they are)
  • Embroidery thread in dark pink or red
  • Needle, scissors and a pencil


Draw a circle on your paper – about mug size is good. Inside that, draw a heart. Note: the Love Heart heart has a shallow dip at the top, and the bulges reach the side of the circle. And, Top Tip: find the centre, and then draw half a heart. Then fold along the centre line, and you’ll cut a perfectly symmetrical heart.

Cut out the heart. Draw a circle on each of your pieces of felt and cut those out too. Put your paper heart on one felt circle, and draw round that. Then, write your love heart message in the heart, and stitch over it in embroidery thread.

Put the two circles together, and use backstitch to stitch a line around the outside. Backstitch ensures you get a nice solid line on both sides of your felt sweetie. If you feel like it, slip a loop of ribbon in and stitch it in place, so your finished Love Heart can be hung up.

Regard your handiwork. Present it to the object of your affections, to the target of your vitriol, or keep it for your personal delight (makes a good coaster). Ta-da!

Jaded? Moi?
Jaded? Moi?


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