Happy New Year! Finding my balance


Living between worlds is both a curious exploration of those creatures that do so – gannets that pierce the surface to move between air and water, mangroves that stand with roots underwater and limbs reaching skywards – and a shallow explanation of how my brain fails to get a coherent grasp on either art or business. I’m getting better though, and just like I said this time last year (and quite possibly the year before), this year is going to be the year I work it out and achieve greatness. So there.

Welcome to 2017! Here in the UK the winter grows colder but lighter, wrapping around itself in preparation for the bursting out of spring. Which will happen, no matter how bleak it gets. It happens every year – nature is full of stillness, but it never stops moving.

My intent this year is a bit like that – never stop moving. Moving my mind, moving my body, staying curious. Shuffling through those thoughts and ideas like a pack of oracle cards, but making sure I pick some out and make them happen. I even joined a gym in December, and the enforced exercise is definitely doing me good. I have neglected my body, and been living in my head, so making myself move and work feels like becoming whole again.  The best bit is having an accountability buddy – a friend with whom I exchange emails once a week, telling each other what fitness things we have achieved, and what we’re aiming for next week. It’s quite vague, but it makes me loathe to slack off 🙂 I think this year’s going to be good.

So, now’s your chance – what is your intent for this year? Or for this month, this week? Put it down here and we can cheer each other on 🙂

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