Craftivism – get involved, you beautiful creature!


I find big paper a great medium for collecting ideas, and when I put out a table-length of lining paper at my ‘Open Studio’ event and asked “What can we do, now, to make this world a better place?”, I got some *really* good ones 🙂 Plant trees, and hug them! Play music, laugh, take a deep breath, plant flowers, listen, don’t be mean, look at cats’ bottoms (because they’re inherently funny and make you laugh, especially if you’re four)…


One way I want to make the world a better place is to make sure more people know just how important they are. How beautiful, how loveable, how valued. In the spirit of craftivism – the act of ‘healing ourselves as we make, and then healing the world with what we have made’ – I want to take Betsy Greer’s wonderful You Are So Very Beautiful project, and shower my home city of Sheffield with hand stitched love.   And I would love it if you joined me.

If you would like to be involved, I hereby invite you to stitch a small affirmation (no bigger than your hand) – anything you like, any style you like, but make sure it starts with “You are”.  Here are some beautiful examples from Betsy’s first craft drop in Atlanta:You-Are-So-Very-Beautiful-Craftivism-on-Uncustomary

Tag your stitching. It’s up to you if you tag it with your @social_media_handle, but please tag it the back of the sign with #yasvb.

Send your stitching(s) (to arrive before 10th Nov) to:

Abi Nielsen
Studio 18, Bank Street Arts
32-40 Bank Street
S1 2DS, UK

If you’re stuck for what to say, stitch it for yourself. What words would ease your heart and brighten your day? Take your time, let the words resonate in your soul, and then send that beauty out to find someone who needs to hear it too.

I will be running a small ‘Introduction to Craftivism’ workshop on Saturday 12th November in Sheffield (venue tbc), which will include the creation of #yasvb affirmations, a guerrilla craft drop and a cake-fuelled debrief and discussion 🙂 Actually given all that I may lose the word ‘introduction’ and call it a ‘rude awakening’ instead 😉  Message me here or check my Facebook page to book a place on this.


Got questions? Drop me an email 🙂

What can we do, now, to make this world a better place?


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