The stitch is strong in this one.


The Force is like Gaffa tape. It has a light side, and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

Just a quick share of two projects I’ve done recently, inspired by the very excellent new Star Wars film (well I liked it anyway).  I was thinking of stitching up another “What Would Buffy Do?” mini-sampler, as it proved quite popular when I first shared it, but then I remembered how well my Star Wars font had worked in a previous project and decided on this: What Would Rey Do? Cross stitch samplerWith a big shout out to my very talented 14yr old who created the chart for BB8. A bit clever, that one 🙂

After I shared this (which is still languishing in my Etsy shop, if yer interested. And for all you geeky stitchers I also have the chart for sale, it’s just not in the shop yet. Just msg me here if you’re interested), I was approached to make something similar, but with inspiration from the darker side of the Force. Hence came this:

What Would Hux Do? cross stitch sampler

The writing up the side says “Get back to work” in Aurebesh (a transcript of Basic, the most used language in the galaxy. Now you know.)

So, if you’d like to buy an inspiring and geeky stitch, or the pattern for one, or for me to make you one of your very own, get in touch!

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