Neeeeearly Christmas… An Advent Calendar most wondrous to behold. Or something.


Ermagerd, it’s Decermber – that snuck up on me :/ The conversation in our house on the evening the 30th Nov went a bit like this:
Supergirl: Oh wow, it’s the 1st of December tomorrow! Do we have Advent calendars?
Wonderboy: They’re parents, of course they’ll have Advent calendars, you’ll see. Do we?
Me, out loud: Maaaaybe *secret smile*

Anyway, as you’ll see I put my crafty hat on and magicked up an Advent String, on which to hang a new ‘surprise something’ every day. How creative, how imaginative! Yeah, and by Day 4 I was pretty sure it was going to be the death of me. But, nothing like a challenge where your children’s happiness and belief in you hangs in the balance, eh? Urk. There have been some close calls (It’s nearly midnight and I desperately need to go to bed. Quick, Google some snappy science jokes!) but I’ve made it thus far, and actually… it’s cool. Write on a square, fold it up with a peg, slide a chocolate coin inside and voila! Happy kids.

My friend said onions are the only food that can make you cry. So I hit him in the face with a watermelon.

And, I’ve learned stuff too! I now know about the Greenlandic language, that it was/would have been Edith Piaf’s 100th birthday on the 19th December, that drawing a penguin isn’t as easy as I remember it to be when I was a kid, and all sorts of fun stuff. They’ve had pictures, inspirational quotes, terrible science puns (never trust an atom, they make up everything), foreign language phrases, and (for the weekends, where they’d come and sit on our bed to open them) questions – What would your superpower be? Describe your ideal holiday.

Help me, I am trapped / in a haiku factory / Save me before they
Help me, I am trapped / in a haiku factory / Save me before they

This is a washing line of fun, that can be looked back on over again and again. As someone who has meant, and failed, to make a crafty advent calendar for my children every year for the last fourteen years, this fills me with joy 🙂 Next year though, I’m buying more of those weeny clothes pegs before they all sell out. Ah well. No wait, next year, they can do each other’s – now *that’s* parenting 😉


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