Upcycled snuggly patchwork blanket


In the spirit of clearing out clutter and making our house all nice for Christmas, I finally (about four years after I stashed them there) pulled out the pile of old/outgrown/accidentally felted woollen jumpers from under my desk. So snuggly, and so useless, and so bulky – ugh. I cut them into large squares, along with a couple of charity shop scarves I’d got because I liked the colours and then never actually worn, stitched them together, and made a blanket!
patchwork blanket
I actually maked a blanket! I’m so proud of myself. All I need now is to get some large fleece to back it with, which should only take me another couple of years, and it’s all ready for snuggling under. I think I will test it with a rainy day, port, cheese, and Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version, OBVIOUSLY).

Jennfier Ehle as Lizzie Bennet in Pride and Prejudice
Because who doesn’t like seeing Lady Catherine sassed into speechless rage?

Do you have any unfinished, ‘I really must get round to that’ craft projects? Because now’s the time, people – get ’em done!

One thought on “Upcycled snuggly patchwork blanket

  1. Oh I have loads of unfinished things stored in my craft room, but I just can’t summon the enthusiasm to get them out and work on them *sigh* They’re mostly crochet blankets that I thought would be fun, but as it turns out I don’t have a lot of patience for blankets. Whoops!

    I adore Pride and Prejudice! Anything BBC is right up my alley!

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