Elephants at the Edge

pink elephant

It’s funny when I hear people talking about how ‘storytelling is dead’, or maybe, ‘storytelling is “the dawn of a new creative movement”, when in fact, it’s as old as humanity, and has never gone out of fashion. This summer saw the 24th storytelling Festival at the Edge, in Much Wenlock, Shropshire, and I was invited to take along my crafting skills and weave some crafty-story magic.

I know, sounds amazing right? It’s just a fancy way of saying ‘craft workshops with a strong storytelling theme’ 🙂 I had a ton of fun with ‘Sock monsters for all ages – seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary’, and coaxing creativity and stories out of the most reluctant I’m-not-an-artist-s.  I also ran a workshop making elephant masks for the younger festival goers, to tie in with a morning of brilliant and hilarious Elephant Tales from the wonderful Pete Chand, Shonaleigh and Andy Harrop-Smith.

mask workshop

Photo credit: Festival at the Edge

There was a children’s parade, too, so we made a big colourful elephant banner to be carried at the head of that. The elephant was named Eli, by the children that decorated him, and I hope that next year he will have his own stories 🙂

Photo credit: Festival at the Edge

I’d love to work more festivals, it’s great doing random creative things with a bunch of strangers in a field – don’t you find that? So much fun, so many stories; Festival at the Edge remains my favourite summer festival. You should definitely go next year 🙂


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